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A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Realtor

1.  Make sure your Realtor is successful.

This isn't necessarily the Realtor with the longest tenure.  Many Realtor's have held a license for many years, but only worked part-time.  Sometimes that can lead to a lack of experience and knowledge of current market conditions.  Be sure your Realtor is committed and successful enough to dedicate themselves full-time.  Also ask how many homes they've listed in the past 12 months.  Some Realtor's are excellent buyer agents, but rarely take on listings.  Conversely, some agents have sold hundreds of homes.  You'll have to make a personal decision about the quality vs quantity balance you are comfortable with.

2. Understand Their Digital Marketing Plan.

Let's face it, a potential buyers first impression isn't at the curb anymore.  It happens on-line.  How will your Realtor present your home to these prospective buyers? What is the quality of their photography?  Are they able to give you direction as to how to stage your home for both photography and showings?  Do a Google search of your Realtor.  You should easily find a link related to the Realtor.  Does he have a Facebook or Google+ business page? Does he have a blog?  What do his current and previous listings look like?  If you can't find this information, it's usually a sign that there is very little to no effort to market themselves or their listings on-line. You'll quickly learn quite a bit about your Realtor's business with a google search.  

3. Ask Lots of Questions.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.  Ask about marketing your home, the staging of your home, the market conditions in your neighborhood, etc. How comfortable are they in answering them?  Do you feel confident in their knowledge and expertise?  The more questions you ask, the more accurate your instincts will be about that Realtor.

4. Photography, Photography, Photography

Buyers will be getting dozens if not hundreds of listings emailed to them during the process of finding a home.  They will not see them all.  So how do they decide which ones to see?  Photography. This new age of social media has reinforced the importance of imagery.  Photo's are KING.  Buyer's will decide which homes to see almost exclusively based on the photo's they see.  The better the photo's, the better your capture rate will be.  Once they've seen a few homes they like, now they'll decide which to put an offer on.  It's not too often they come back to your home a second or third time, but they'll go back the those photo's dozens of times.  The better your photo's compare to your competition, the better your chances are of getting their offer.  It has been my experience that there is a very real relationship between the quality of photo's and the ultimate sales price of the home.  High quality photo's create more interest, which leads to more competition, which results in higher prices.  Remember, when a buyer knows there are other buyers also trying to buy their home, they do whatever they can to secure the home they've envisioned themselves living in.  Your home is likely your single largest investment.  Treat it as such.


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